Virtually everyone communicates at work. No matter what the field or how much you know about your job, specialised knowledge alone is not enough to guarantee success. Communication skills are also vital.

The list below shows the results of one survey in which employers list the skills and qualities for their ideal candidate. Communication skills are at the top of the list!

1. Communication skills
2. Honesty/integrity
3. Interpersonal skills
4. Strong work ethic
5. Teamwork skills
6. Analytical skills
7. Motivation/initiative
8. Flexibility
9. Computer Skills
10. Detail oriented

Additional research confirms the importance of communication related skills, including working in teams, mentoring, dealing with customers, leading, negotiating, working with cultural diversity, interviewing, listening, conducting meetings, and resolving conflict.

This explains why almost 90 percent of US companies provide some type of communications skills training for their workforce.

Corporate Intelligence Training creates empowered ‚Äúconscious communicators‚ÄĚ who have the ability to communicate and express themselves with confidence, clarity and Emotional Intelligence.

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